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Air Conditioning Repair

No Air Emergency


The first thing everyone usually thinks about is "where are we going to sleep tonight if it cannot be fixed?". In this hot and humid South Florida climate A/C is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Relax and call 24/7 AC, one of our factory trained certified technicians will be there before you know it. We will get your unit cooling in no time, and allow you to move on with your life worry free. We have been servicing air conditioners' in South Florida since the early 90's. That experience will all but guarantee your unit will be back to normal by day's end. So stop stressing and contact us ASAP!

Old Broken Down Air Conditioner
Potential Repair Cost Stressing You Out?

Check Out Our Menu Page!

We have a full Menu of repair prices for anything you may need for your problematic A/C unit. We post our repair prices online in order to be completley transparent with our customers. We are not your typical A/C company!

Handy Homeowner
Handy are you?
Thinking It Is Something Very Simple?

Home Of The $10 Video A/C Diagnostic

A/C giving you trouble? No time to wait for an A/C service tech? Can't get anyone out after hours? No Problem! Have one of our senior A/C technicians diagnose it with you via video chat for only $10! Facetime,Skype, Whatsapp, Whichever App you choose. The best part is that if a part is needed, we will credit the $10 towards that repair! So you literaly have nothing to lose!

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