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FaceTime A/C Diagnosis

Why Video Chat With An A/C tech?

There are countless reasons why you should Video chat with our A/C tech when your A/C gives you trouble, let's go through a few. 

1. Convenience, get your diagnosis in minutes rather than wait for hours for a tech to arrive. Someimes the fix is so simple and here you are sweating for hours at home, or stressing at work wondering how much the repair is going to cost and how long it will take to do. Our Video chat service can get you immediate results for a low $10 cost. 

2. Price, most companies charge a hefty service fee to send a technician out to your home. When you Video chat with one of our techs, you get the scoop for $10. If a part is needed for the repair, the $10 goes towards the cost.

Our repair prices are posted on our menu page, this way there is no confusion on cost. 

3. Guaranty. If we dont contact you within 15 minutes of you placing your order, we will immediately refund your money. If for any reason we cannot determine the exact repair needed, we will send a tech out at your convenience and credit the $10 towards our service call fee ($50).

How It Works

Step 1. Click on our Book Online page. 

Step 2. Schedule your $10 video chat A/C diagnosis option. When entering your information, make sure to specify which app you will be using (Facetime, Skype, Whatsapp) for your video chat in the comments section. 

Also, type in your video chat number. Once you have booked your appointment, click the"buy now" button and pay the $10.

Step 3. Have your device ready for your Video Chat with a senior A/C technician.


1. If you have not been contacted by our technician within 15 minutes of placing your order, you will recieve a full refund. 

2. If you are not satisfied with our service you will recieve a full refund.

3. Customer will be credited the full amount spent on our site towards any additional service calls, repairs, or replacement of A/C that may be needed. Please see our Menu page which lists almost all of the possible repairs you could possibly need. We list these repair prices to eliminate any potential discrepancy, this way the customer knows they are recieving their full credit. 

4. Customer is not obligated to use 24/7 for any repair quoted. 

Disclaimers ***A MUST READ***

This is a unique service we are offering, so let's discuss some scenarios that may arise for the sake of being transparent with you, the customer.

 Please review all of the disclaimers below before ordering your video chat consulatation.



1. Service area and availability:

This service is only for customers who live in Broward,Dade,and West Palm Beach County. Please do not order this service if you live outside that area. We have a limited amount of technicians that qualify for this type of service (you really have to know your stuff), this means during the peak summer season and after hours we will at times experience a very heavy call load. It is our intent here at 24/7 to help every customer in need, but please do not be upset with us if we cannot get to you within the alloted 15 minutes from when you place your order. We will immediately refund your money if you choose another avenue for service. 

2. Secondary issues:

There are times in the A/C industry when more than the initial repair is needed. This scenario is all but impossible for us to catch during the initial video chat consulatation. Many times these secondary repairs are not evident until the initial repair is completed. We do our very best to catch any potential additional issues but please do not hold it against us if this happens. 

3. Frozen Coils:

If we determine the unit is frozen, there will be no way to diagnose that through video chat. We will credit your $10 towards the $50 service call you will need to determine the reason the unit is frozen. The entire $50 is credited towards whatever is needed. We have a full menu page where our repair prices are listed, this way there is no discrepancy with your credit. If you see ice on the coil, please do not even attempt the video chat as it will be useless for that diagnosis. Call us for directions on how to thaw out the coil and we can schedule your service call.

4. Repairs that simply cannot be diagnosed through video chat: 

Inevitably this will happen at times. There are simply some problems that will not be possible to diagnose through video chat. Many of these scenarios will depend on how handy the customer is, Customer's accessibilty to their A/C,  and how far we can actually go over the video chat. We will give it our best shot on our end, if anything we usually can narrow it down to a few different repairs that may be needed. This is why we guarantee your satisfaction, and if you are not satisfied we will issue a full refund immediately. 


If your ac is working but just not working to your satisfaction, this service is not for you. This will be very hard to diagnose without being on site, please contact us to set up a service call. 

In a hurry? No time to wait for a technician? Are you on the "handy" side? Video chat with one of our senior air conditioning technicians and get your ac fixed or diagnos...
Video Chat A/C Diagnosis
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